Maths for Early Years

Give them the best start

Developed by specialist maths authors for BEAM (Be A Mathematician) for early learners. These resources provide teaching and learning materials for interesting, challenging and enjoyable maths lessons.


  • Starting Out Foundation Stage mathematics is an award-winning file providing everything you need to know about young children learning mathematics. Packed with loads of creative ideas for child- and adult-initiated activities, the file explores detailed explanations of children’s mathematical development.

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  • Playing with Maths helps to develop your young mathematicians number sense with board games. Develop counting, sorting, matching, patterns and more, supported by detailed tutor notes.

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  • Hands on Number Bonds  help children understand the recording of simple number calculations and extend their ideas about number. Hands on Number Bonds ensures steady progression with three differentiated levels of difficulty.

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  • Maths Now! provides Early Years Foundation Stage problem solving, reasoning and numeracy in a five-part bumper pack. Introduce your young mathematicians to mathematical ideas and activities with these inspirations for resourcing to help children initiate their own maths-rich play.

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  • Maths Inside and Out and Maths Outside and In build on your pupil’s natural mathematical interest and curiosity. Each book contains two major sections, divided into six different scenarios for your class to explore including; number, calculation, shape and space, measure, problem-solving and mathematical rhymes.

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  • Maths Outdoors encourages young mathematicians to enjoy active, physical outdoor play, an ideal environment for maths learning. You are provided with all the inspiration you’ll need to make maths an integral part of class games and activities.

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  • Let’s Pretend Maths equips you to help children develop maths ideas and re-enact their favourite stories. Packed with practical ideas to develop maths play based or role-play scenarios, Let’s Pretend Maths enables you to capitalise on children’s natural passion for role-play.

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  • Maths in Stories shows you how to set up a vibrant learning environment for maths, using stories and traditional tales which are mathematically stimulating. Enabling you to develop skills in the language of maths.

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