Nelson Family

Successful literacy is the foundation of every child’s progress

Nelson Family is the only primary literacy resources to provide support for each of the essential skills of phonics, spelling, handwriting, comprehension, grammar and writing.



  • Nelson Handwriting is carefully structured to ensure smooth progression and encourage the development of individual style. With three levels of differentiation it can be used flexibly to meet whole-class or individual learning objectives. Pupils are actively encouraged to explore different styles of handwriting and develop their own style.

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  • Nelson Spelling provides a comprehensive and structured course for developing a whole-school spelling policy. Differentiation is built into the structure of Nelson Spelling enabling you to cater for a wide range of abilities ensuring all your pupils reach their full potential.

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  • Nelson Comprehension is an integrated series delivering everything you need to help your pupils acquire key thinking skills through written, oral and highly engaging interactive activities.

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  • Nelson Phonics, Spelling and Handwriting delivers full teaching support and activities for spelling and handwriting to use alongside your current synthetic phonics course. It fully supports the renewed Literacy Framework and the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, and fits easily alongside phonics courses such as DCSF Letters and Sounds and Jolly Phonics.

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  • Nelson English offers a comprehensive range of fiction and non-fiction resources from Foundation to Year 6/P1-P7. Clearly structured, this rigorous skills-based course aims to improve pupils’ understanding and use of the written word.

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  • Nelson Grammar is a step-by-step course for the teaching and learning of the essential grammar skills. Designed for ease of use in the classroom, the course carefully builds pupils’ confidence in applying grammatical knowledge and understanding to their everyday work.

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